Well I have been wanting some Storm lock picks for a long time now and have been putting off buying them as I couldn’t justify buying more picks when there’s nothing wrong with the sets I already own, I usually use HPC picks but the attractive look of the storm picks got the better of me and I just had to order some. Having never played with or seen any storm picks in person I thought I had better start of with a small set just in case they did not live up to my expectations.

After looking through the various sets on the Storm website I decided to go for the Juliet 6 set. The set is made up of 3 tension wrenches and 3 picks which come in a storm branded wallet. The picks in this set consist of 1 hook and 2 rakes.

Lock Picking

So a few days later the picks arrived and to my surprise upon opening the package there was a extra pick in the wallet and on the receipt a hand scribbled note stating they had sent a free pick for me to have a play with! Now that’s what you call customer service! Upon first inspection I must admit I thought the picks looked very flimsy but as soon as I removed them from the wallet and had a feel of them it soon became clear I was wrong. The picks are beautifully hand finished and are very strong. I have opened countless locks with them already both on site and at home for practice and have not even bent one slightly yet although I have been super careful with them as they look so nice I don’t want to damage them. One thing which I really like is the tension wrenches that come with the set are all different thickness meaning you have more variety for different sizes key ways. To make re ordering easier when you need to replace one they also have the thickness stamped into the back of each wrench which is a nice touch.


All in all these are fantastic picks in my opinion and are perfect for the professional locksmith or hobbyist lock picker. The storm picks are reasonably priced as well to say how well made and finished off the tools are. I will be definitely purchasing some more in the near future.




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