On the 21st of this month The Locksmith World was 1 year old. When I started the blog I was hoping to post at least once a week but the reality is that it’s very difficult to find time to post once a month never mind once a week. Over the past year I’ve uploaded 25 posts on varying topics including tool reviews, product reviews, guest posts from other companies in the industry and also the day in the life of a locksmith stuff as well. For about the first 8 months of the blog I had to ask people and companies if they would like to guest post for free so I could publish I wider variety of content for the readers of the site. Now after 12 months I get companies asking me if they can guest post which hopefully means The Locksmith World is growing in popularity. Unfortunately a lot of the time I have to refuse guest posts as the types of people and companies wishing to post would probably do more harm than good to the site.

Over the last year the site has gone from around 100 visits a month up to an average of 1300 visits a month which usually results in about 2200 pages viewed each month. I realise in the grand scale of the www. 1300 visits a month is a very small amount but for such a niche topic and niche trade I don’t think it’s bad going. It would be amazing if I could double those figures by this time next year.

The number of subscribers is growing fairly steadily but still hasn’t hit the magic 100 yet although it’s pretty close. Thank you to everybody who has subscribed so far and continues to come back and visit the site. If you have not subscribed yet you can do so by entering your email address in the provided box in the menu on the right hand side. I’ll also include a subscribe box at the bottom of this page.

A lot of people ask me “what’s the point of writing a blog? It’s pointless/ waste of time ect” I suppose every body who writes a blog on any subject has different reasons why they do it. For me there’s a couple of different reasons. The first reason is because it gives a platform to give my opinions within the industry and put content out there for like minded people to read and hopefully appreciate. The other reason is that I left school with a “E” in GCSE English and no further education after high school so the feeling of people liking and sharing a piece of content I wrote is brilliant. That’s the amazing thing about the internet it doesn’t matter what you do or what qualifications you have got, if you can use a computer you can blast content out there for the whole world too see.

It would be good to hear in the comments box below which type of posts people prefer to read ie guest posts, day in the life, tools reviews ect. Also if anybody has any locks or tools they would like to be considered for a review get in touch at thelocksmithworld@gmail.com

Thanks to everybody for subscribing, sharing, and continuing to read and support The Locksmith World!




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