Wow The Locksmith World has hit 200 subscribers! Not a huge amount I know but when I started writing this blog I never dreamed it would hit 200 subscribers so well happy with that. It’s actually at 207 at the moment so I guess the next milestone is going to be 300. The blog has doubled in subscribers in the last 4 months. It seemed to take ages to get the ball rolling and reach the first 100 subs but now it seems to be growing at a good pace. Please keep liking and sharing posts with fellow locksmiths and encouraging them to subscribe. Remember if your not a subscriber it only takes 1 minute to do it. Just click the subscribe button on the right hand side of the page (Desktop) or at the bottom of the page if viewing on a mobile device and enter your email address and that’s it your done. Although I can see your email address after you subscribe these won’t be sold to 3rd party’s and you won’t be bombarded with emails trying to sell you stuff!


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