With all the signs finally pointing to economic recovery, Mul-T-Lock is at MLA Expo to showcase latest product offerings and its popular combined solutions initiative for the benefit of locksmiths across the UK and Ireland.

Visitors to stand 70 will be able to see the features and benefits of Mul-T-Lock’s range of cutting machines, including KC5 and compact 2, along with the latest patented cylinder platforms including MT5, Interactive+ and Integrator.

On display will also be CLIQ and Smartair in action as will the award winning intelligent WatchLock Padlock, demonstrating how easily it can upgrade any mechanical system, moving or stationary, to an access control solution.

Says Steve Ross: “What is key to success today, is the ability to create a customised security solution that exactly meets the needs of the end user, whether it be solving key management issues, increasing flexibility or integrating access control into a master key suite.

“For this reason, the Mul-T-Lock stand at MLA will be dedicated to discussing how to consider more integrated solutions using our extensive product portfolio, to leverage the professional expertise of locksmiths and work together to stand out from the crowd.

“At a time when the economic recovery is gaining momentum, we believe this approach will provide an immediate commercial advantage for locksmiths in the pursuit of new business.”

To read the full MLA Preview, please visit the Mul-T-Lock news page



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