As well as the given acceptance that their locks have to be secure and reliable, Brisant Secure Ltd’s aim is to make their range of locks easy to work with for the locksmith.

The Brisant-E lock for example is easy to stock, a great price but also come with the added benefit of being easy to key alike. Behind the log in area on the trade section of the website is a full pinning video showing how to pin up a Brisant-E cylinder in minutes.

The pinning kit for Brisant-E is £70 and contains 100 of each pin, springs and circlips. The Additional tools have been designed to make pinning quicker and easier to pin up keyed alike cylinders in the back of a van if necessary. Of course each individual pinning component is available separately to restock the pinning kit

Brisant Pinning Tools

Brisant also offer the option to stock the lock in a modular format to make up locks quickly for emergency jobs or to always be able to make that odd size of lock that pops up once in a blue moon. The modular Thumb turn kit also means you can make up a thumb turn lock from scratch or quickly convert an existing lock to a thumb turn.

The Brisant-E lock gives the locksmith more chance of completing jobs in one visit, rather than having to order and wait for stock and re-visit a job for second time.

And there is no heavy commitment required for initial stock orders. The low carriage paid order value and next day delivery ensure service to the locksmith is second to none. Brisant have also offered some discount on pinning tools and kits for anyone calling in and mentioning the Locksmiths World Blog (ask for Steve!)

Brisant also have a few more head liners to come and locksmiths can be kept informed by subscribing to email updates on their website. Just enter your email address at the bottom of the Brisant homepage.



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