The locksmith world has reached over 300 subscribers! A small irreverent number I guess when talking in social media terms. With big youtubers having millions of subscribers and giant Facebook and instagram pages with millions of followers. But when I started writting a small blog about a very niche subject I imagined the number of subscribers wouldn’t reach more than about 20. When I first got to 100 subscribers I couldn’t believe it. I did feel like it had taken an age to get there though. Then came 200 a year or so later and now 332 almost exactly another year on. By my own mathematics (actually my iphones calculator) in 10,000 years I will have 1.000.000 subscribers and this blog could be worth a fortune ?. Who knows when I get a high enough number I can start selling official locksmith world merchandise like the big Facebook pages! Just think you could have a locksmith world coffee cup with my face on to wake you up every morning ?. Or a locksmith world T shirt!
I really appreciate all the people who take time to read my rubbish and unfortunately I just don’t get the chance to post as often as I would like. So thanks to everybody who has subscribed so far. If your not a subscriber and you just happened to stumble on this post why not subscribe? It takes about 30 seconds and just requires your email address. No email address’s are ever passed to 3rd party’s and you won’t be bombarded with spam. Also why not get your lockie friends to subscribe as well?!
I’m always looking for new content and ideas so why content for comment below if there’s anything you would like to see on the blog. I’m also looking for guest posts from subscribers. The guest posts can’t be business promotion for your locksmith business though! I get sent quite a few “guest posts” which are just posts like “we are the best locksmith in London Call AAA locksmiths blah blah blah”. That’s not the kind of thing I’m looking for! But if you have a tool or lock review you would like to share or just want to get something lock related off your chest why not send it over. A link to your business can be included however which will help your own website/business search engine optimisation.
I look forward to reading your submissions and please don’t forget to tell your lockie friends about The Locksmith World. ?



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