Firstly sorry for the lack of posts recently I have been neglecting the site lately due to been very busy. I would love to be able yo sit and write a post at least once a week but I’m sure most of you reading this can appreciate that going to work and making money has to come […]


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I was aware it had been a while since last making a post but I didn’t realise quite just how long it had been, nearly 3 months! I was looking back through some recent posts and although I think most posts have good content in them they are starting to get a bit same old same old, […]


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Its been a while since I made the last post but its been a busy month and I’ve only just come back from a much needed holiday. You may have noticed that a lot of the previous post comments have disappeared, this is due to a WordPress update I did which then accidentally deleted all the comments […]


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You may have noticed over the past month or so that I haven’t been posting as regularly as normal. The idea is to post a couple of items a month but with work being busy lately it’s sometimes hard to find the time to keep up with posting new content. So here’s another instalment of “A Day […]


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The last month has not been bad work wise and for some reason work seems to be picking up. In between my usual locksmith jobs I’ve also been busy working on a new Castleford Locksmiths website for my self. There are a couple of jobs this month that really stick in my mind but for completely different […]


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Welcome to the first “Day in the life of a locksmith” post. This is a new section which will feature a post once a month about the general life of a locksmith from events that have happened to me personally whilst out on site. It’s been a very varied month with a couple of quiet weeks at […]


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