I joined checkatrade less than a year ago and i thought I would share my experience with you all. However its impossible for me to tell you how much work can be gained from your investment with Checkatrade. The simple reason for this is that it seems very area specific. I’m friends with many locksmiths all over […]


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What is happening to our trade and where is it going in future? On Facebook groups and locksmith forums all I seem to be seeing lately is posts from genuine local locksmiths about national locksmith company’s. Pictures of very shoddy work by nationals, invoices for ridiculous amounts charged by nationals to unsuspecting customers, reviews left on sites […]


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The locksmith world has reached over 300 subscribers! A small irreverent number I guess when talking in social media terms. With big youtubers having millions of subscribers and giant Facebook and instagram pages with millions of followers. But when I started writting a small blog about a very niche subject I imagined the number of subscribers wouldn’t […]


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Firstly sorry for the lack of posts recently I have been neglecting the site lately due to been very busy. I would love to be able yo sit and write a post at least once a week but I’m sure most of you reading this can appreciate that going to work and making money has to come […]


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Click Guardian

  **** Guest Post By Click Guardian **** What is click fraud and does it affect me? It’s well known that using Google AdWords to generate leads that turn into jobs is prime marketing technique that many locksmiths adopt.  The beauty of AdWords in its purest form is being able to use keywords such as ‘locksmith Leicester’ […]


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***Guest post by My Builder*** The Importance of Service Advertising can get you in front of a customer, but it’s the service you provide that makes them a customer for life. Besides, word-of-mouth recommendations are the best kind of advertising there is and you can only get that once you have a foundation of customers who trust […]


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I was aware it had been a while since last making a post but I didn’t realise quite just how long it had been, nearly 3 months! I was looking back through some recent posts and although I think most posts have good content in them they are starting to get a bit same old same old, […]


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A couple of weeks back I decided to have a go at Facebook advertising. If you have a look online you can find lots of information and success stories to confirm that Facebook advertising can be a really powerful tool. I was curious to find out if these types of adverts could work in our industry. A […]


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Guest Post By Rick The Pick Importance Of SEO | A Locksmiths Guide   With and Thomson Local virtually at deaths door it has never been so important to get your locksmith business advertised online. It was announced earlier in the week that Hibu (The new name behind Yellow Pages) has fallen into administration. That’s both […]


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I had a very difficult decision to make this year whether or not to advertise in Yellow Pages and on Ever since starting to work for myself I have always advertised in Yellow pages because I’ve been almost too scared not to. Over the past 5 years I have been teaching myself SEO and although now […]


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