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The Life of a Locksmith

We aren’t told much about the trade of a locksmith. It’s a job that can be seen as elusive or shady by the public, especially with the lack of government regulations for the industry, leaving genuine traders mixed in with those simply looking to scam for quick cash. However for those fully committed to a career as a locksmith, it takes a lot more than being able to pick a lock. It comes with a serious amount of responsibility, a strong work ethic and continuous learning to adapt to the different tasks at hand, in the quickly changing market.

Security is a challenge

A big challenge for the professional locksmith is that security is so easily breached. Now there are so many resources available for people with the aim of picking a lock, using a bump key or wedge tool, and breaking and entering. This, added with home owners leaving back doors open, not properly locking windows and doors or leaving high value gear on display in their cars, makes the trade a difficult one to keep up with at times.

However, life as a locksmith can be extremely rewarding. Locksmithing is a hands-on skill that gives you attainable, achievable results. It takes time to improve your skills, but the more you practice, the more solutions and tools you’ll have to deliver better results for each customer. There are always new mechanisms, brands and tools to deal with and it can be very time-consuming, with a whole lot of trial and error, to understand how they work. Patience is a must, as well as a dedication to perfecting your skills and the time and upkeep that comes with it.

Dealing with customers in urgent situations, you’ll also need to be flexible with your time, taking into account that you may not have all you need for the job when they need you. The demands of the customer are individual and constantly evolving, so you may not be able to exercise certain skills you’ve learnt for some time – it puts you at a disadvantage. It’s essential that you adopt to new demands and innovations in security, such as smart locks. These are being used more frequently and it really shows how much there is to learn in the industry.

More than this though, you’ll need to invest financially. You’ll need to make or find your own tools to practice with, along with specialist locks which could be costly. If you’re running your own locksmithing business, you’ll need to ensure you invest your money wisely, working around logistics, marketing and sales. There are courses available if you’re wishing to begin your career as a locksmith or start your own business, which can help to turn your capability into a viable livelihood. It’s not always the easiest of trades; as a locksmith you’ll need to have the drive to always improve, the confidence to build relationships and an ethical attitude.

Chubb Locksmiths is an emergency locksmith in Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands. Our qualified engineers provide a range of specialist locksmith and security services for the home and businesses. For more information or to get in touch, please visit, or call 0121 3533644.

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