A few months back GJ Lock Tools launched a brand new decoder for the Era Fortress, Union Strong Bolt and also the new Yale BS (which is exactly the same as a Strong bolt). It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of GJ Lock Tools products as you can probably tell from previous tool reviews, and […]


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LTC Curtain Wheel Pick

I was lucky enough to get my hands on the new Island Locks LTC curtain pick set earlier this week. The curtain pick is made by Jay Dorner who is the owner of Island locks, The Locksmith training company and the Island locks forum. Jay is well known for making quality locksmith tools so I was hoping […]


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My HPC electric pick gun is always my first tool of choice for cylinder picking, admittedly it doesn’t always work and I might end up hand picking or bumping but I would like to think I’m pretty competent with my epg and I would say I usually get at least 75% – 80% of cylinders open with […]


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Guest Post By Outside-In Lock Tools For those who are not familiar with the ‘SideWinder’ from ‘Outside-In Lock Tools’, it is an attachment for the Letterbox Tool, which makes turning night latch knobs, thumb turns and keys left on the inside of a lock, an extremely easy and swift job. Avid users of the ‘SideWinder’ had requested […]


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Era Vectis Decoder For those who don’t already know the Era Vectis was designed to eliminate lock snapping altogether by turning a multi point locking gearbox into a mortice style lock. The advantage to this kind of set up is that there’s no euro cylinder for a would be burglar to attack but you still get all […]


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Guest Post By Outside-In Lock Tools   As one of the newer producers of tools for Locksmiths, Outside-In Lock Tools commenced initial production around April 2011, almost by accident. It all started after a particularly troublesome lockout which involved the turning of an extremely tight key, through the letterbox. Ipswich Locksmith Simon Barber, was determined to make […]


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Island Locks Banner

I have been very kindly sent some thumb turn wires from jay at Island Locks to test out and review. I’ve been playing with them for a couple of days now and I have also used them once onsite and it worked! What are they? Thumb turn wires are designed to help locksmiths exploit a weakness with […]


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You may have noticed over the past month or so that I haven’t been posting as regularly as normal. The idea is to post a couple of items a month but with work being busy lately it’s sometimes hard to find the time to keep up with posting new content. So here’s another instalment of “A Day […]


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HPC Pick Gun

I know everybody has their own way of using an electric pick gun, some people are hugely successful at opening locks with them and others not so much. I don’t think there is a right and wrong way to use a pick gun really it just depends what works for you. Personally I use my EPG’s a […]


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Inside Era Fortress

Yesterday I got a phone call from a guy who had an Era fortress dead lock he needed opening on an internal door. He really didn’t want the lock to be drilled as it was only fitted 2 weeks ago and his wife had gone away to visit friends and had the key with her so he wanted to […]


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